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Policy & Advocacy

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NCADD-Maryland remains committed to pursuing and advocating for policy reform and legislative solutions, when necessary, in addressing identified policy acting as a barrier to accessing treatment. 

Congratulations on the passage of this bill!
Public Health - Opioid Restitution Fund Advisory Council (HB 794-Del. Sandy Rosenberg) – This bill put forth by NCADD-Maryland will ensure greater transparency as well as continued public and expert input into how funding decisions are made with regard to the money received by the Opioid Restitution Fund from lawsuit settlements and awards.

Key areas of policy and advocacy NCADD-Maryland is working on include:
  • Increasing funding to expand treatment capacity, statewide
  • Removing barriers preventing establishment of an adequate number of quality treatment programs to serve ALL individuals in need of substance abuse treatment services throughout Maryland, regardless of a person's income or lack of income
  • Eliminating barriers to achieving and maintaining recovery, such as access to healthcare, housing, social service and entitlement programs, education, employment and restoration of voting and parental rights
  • Assuring that those affected by the disease of addiction are afforded the same rights and opportunities as persons affected by other illnesses
  • Advocating on workforce development issues  to ensure we have a well-trained, professional workforce in sufficient numbers to provide the full range of treatment services necessary to effectively serve Maryland's communities, and its citizens
  • Working to ensure that adequate, statewide, prevention services are maintained to reduce the number of persons falling victim to the disease of addiction.

  • Know  your  rights!

    Please review the attached materials to understand your insurance/treatment rights. The MENTAL HEALTH PARITY AND ADDICTION EQUITY ACT (PARITY ACT /2009) requires most health insurance plans and Medicaid  programs to provide the same level of coverage for MH/SUD care as they do for medical care.

    Click below to download the following fact sheets, prepared by the MARYLAND PARITY COALITION:

    Filing a Health Insurance Appeal
    Filing a Health Insurance Appeal / Medicaid
    Your Insurance Rights
    Parity Warning Signs
    Provider Tips

  • Maryland General Assembly 
    Legislative Summaries:

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2022

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is planning to integrate regulations for mental health and substance abuse services. You can read the current plan, including the plan for public input by going to the links below.

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