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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Maryland (NCADD-MD) focuses on raising public awareness and sensitivity on the issue of alcoholism and drug dependence in Maryland through sustaining a campaign of education, information-dissemination and public policy advocacy to ensure persons affected by the disease of addiction, and their families, have access to resources, support systems and services critical in accessing treatment and sustaining recovery.


NCADD founder, Marty Mann As a national organization, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) was founded in 1944, by Marty Mann. Ms. Mann, a recovering alcoholic, was the first woman to finds long-term sobriety in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Ms. Mann dedicated her life to educating the public that alcoholism is a preventable and treatable disease, and not a sign of one’s moral failings. For sixty-four years NCADD has provided education, leadership and service to persons struggling with addiction, their families , policy-makers, the media, the medical community and many others. NCADD is the oldest organization in the nation addressing the issue of alcoholism and drug dependence and its impact on families and society.

The Maryland affiliate of NCADD, a 501c3, tax-exempt organization, was formed in 1988. We are one of over 90 NCADD affiliates operating in the country. In our 20-year history public acceptance and recognition has grown in acknowledging NCADD-Maryland as the State's preeminent treatment/recovery education, advocacy and public policy organization. We feel we are uniquely positioned to provide both a local and statewide perspective on issues related to alcoholism, drug dependence and barriers affecting treatment accessibility.


NCADD-Maryland believes the citizens of Maryland have a right to access effective prevention, intervention and treatment services in the state, and that accessing such services should be available upon request. We envision a day, in the near future, where barriers to accessing appropriate and affordable levels of care and services becomes a thing of the past.


Drawing on the best of our history and current advocacy initiatives and practices, NCADD-Maryland remains committed to changing the status-quo on how the problem of addiction is viewed, the approaches utilized in addressing the problem and how persons suffering from addiction are viewed, and more importantly treated. It is our hope that our continuing commitment to advocating for changing attitudes and effective practices in treating this problem will lead to:

  • Increased public, and private, support for expanded treatment/recovery resources because people will realize that treatment does work
  • Greater public tolerance for, and reduced hostility toward, people struggling with addictions, due to wider public recognition, and acceptance, of addiction as a disease rather than a lifestyle choice
  • Increased development, implementation and utilization of innovative and appropriate services targeting individuals affected by the disease and/or families-members impacted by a loved one's addiction
  • Access to comprehensive prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services is increased in every county and region in Maryland

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Phone: 410-625-6482
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